Robert A. Larum (sculptor)

Robert A. Larum (sculptor)

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About The Artist

Robert Larum and his wife Mary Jo live in Littleton, Colorado, and it is there that he also has his studio. They formerly raised Arabian horses on their ranch near Elbert, Colorado. 
Robert came to the United States from Norway in 1948, becoming a ski and mountain climbing instructor for the army involved with the Mountain and Cold Weather Training Command in Colorado Springs and Camp Hale, Colorado. Following military service, he became a brick and stone mason by trade. He fell from a scaffold and broke his leg. During his recovery period, Robert was finally able to do what he had always wanted to do, from the time he had left Norway. That was to pursue his talent as a sculptor. 
During World War Two, in his native homeland of Norway, Robert first saw the Arabian horses that were brought into his country by the occupying troops. From that time began his love of the beauty and grace of such a magnificent animal. 
As a young boy, his main interests were in carving what he saw in real life. He has continued to pursue that dream and his sculptures reflect and capture those feelings. He has established a solid reputation as a sculptor of equine bronzes and has collectors internationally including Canada, Spain, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Holland, France, Belgium, South America and Australia. 
In over 30 years as a full time artist he has completely sold out several hundred editions of his work. He has been commissioned to create bronze statues for many Arabian breeders as well as other breeds of horses. However, he as expanded his subject to include wildlife, dogs and people. Balance, grace, beauty, realism, strength and form are evident in each piece of art as it takes shape in wax or clay. 
Robert not only sculpts his artwork, he performs much of the process in the lost wax casting process including mold making. 
Located in Burnsville, MN, his last monumental piece of art was a two ton, twenty foot long sculpture of two Percheron horses pulling a slip driven by a man. It was representative of the history of the working class construction worker in the early 1900’s.

Meyer Gallery is pleased to offer the impressive work of Robert Larum.

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