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Douglas Fryer: Moving Landscape

June 16, 2020

Douglas Fryer uniquely blends realism and abstraction to create landscapes that shift and move in ways that mimic human perception. Loose interpretations of lush farmland or melting snow focus on texture, shape and form rather then accurate details, capturing the viewer in a visceral response. “My paintings are informed by experience but become something beyond that, speaking more to the metaphysical rather than the specificity of a place,” says the artist.

Fryer’s latest paintings emphasize quick movement and shifting perspectives. Layers of abstract marks and visible strokes or scrapes of paint indicate literal elements such as wind or rain, while also speaking to more metaphorical ideas and interpretations. “Instead of defining things by their stillness, I’m defining them in a certain extent by their movement,” says Fryer. “It could be movement through a landscape, past it, or movement felt within; it could be the movement of wind through trees, or maybe implied movement of the passage of time. Those are the things I’m exploring within these paintings.”

Fryer’s springboard for inspiration is his surrounding landscape in rural Utah, combined with recent travels in the northeast to Vermont and abroad through England and Scotland. These experiences provide a reference point for the artist as he blends memories, observation and invention to complete the composition. Fryer transitions from land to sky in this show with a series of cloudscapes, which are poetic representations of storms brewing over low horizon lines. Fryer also presents several still life paintings rendered in a similar style - with imagery he describes as “out of focus, interpenetrating, merging and melting away.”

“I’m continuing the idea of abstraction and simplification, with ideas of unity and variety,” says Fryer of his work for “Moving Landscape.” This exhibition opens on June 19th with a virtual reception – follow us on social media for more details. All work will be available in person at the gallery and online at meyergalleries.com.

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