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Ken Daggett: Solo Exhibition

April 24, 2019 - Kelly Carper

Taos plein air painter Ken Daggett releases more than 20 new paintings for his Solo Exhibition, opening with an Artist Reception on Friday, May 3rdfrom 5-7pm. The artist’s new work focuses on his favorite painting locations in northern New Mexico, captured with new perspectives and fresh imagery. Daggett’s show holds the promise of spring with paintings that reflect the last remnants of a New Mexico winter, relishing the moisture of flowing rivers and melting snow.

Over the past several months, Ken Daggett’s daily plein air excursions have drawn him to the river’s edge as he seeks to capture the surge of winter runoff or the still reflections of snowcapped mountains. “River’s Flow,” “Winter Waters in Pilar,” “Rio Chama Color” and more capture the swift movement of water through the high desert landscape, while paintings like “Winter’s Reflection” and “Last Snow” represent the contrasting beauty of seasons shifting, as spring emerges from winter’s blanket. This seasonal dichotomy is represented in Daggett’s two largest works, “Snow on Taos Mesa,” and “Gallegos Park,” which act as centerpieces for the exhibition. The two diptychs balance each other in their contrasting representation of New Mexico’s cool winter tones and warm golden sunlight.

Ken Daggett paints outdoors come rain, snow or shine, providing him with endless perspectives and painting opportunities from a single location. “Every day is different,” says the artist, who is excited by working with nature’s elements whether harsh and cold or sunny and pleasing. "For me, painting is a never-ending challenge and I will spend my life gratefully pursuing that challenge. I learn and grow with each new painting."

Apart from the land, Ken Daggett finds inspiration in the work of historical Taos artists such as Victor Higgins and Phillip Blumenschein. Daggett carries on the legacy of these preeminent painters with a fresh perspective, bringing a contemporary voice to traditional subject matter.

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