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Ricardo Fernandez Ortega: Dawn Voyage

October 17, 2019 - Kelly Carper

Ricardo Fernandez Ortega is a realist painter in Durango, Mexico whose work blends classical technique and style with surreal imagery and dream-like subject matter. His solo exhibition at Meyer Gallery, “Dawn Voyage,” explores ideas of new beginnings with enchanting female subjects who embark on journeys both literal and metaphorical.

Ortega’s narratives, while depicted as surreal compositions, are often derived from actual events in the artist’s life. “I am currently living a stage of my life that feels like a new beginning,” he says. “I feel like the first stage has come to an end, and the next one begins with great promise of an exciting journey. After a dark night, the light of a new day begins to be seen – which is why I titled the show, Dawn Voyage.

Without providing details of his personal experience, Ortega states that “constructing reality as a daily exercise offers the opportunity to create a new world every time the sun appears on the horizon.” This idea is reflected in his paintings for Dawn Voyageas Ortega’s landscapes glow with soft morning light, while his subjects appear to reflect on a past experience or ready to embrace something new. Ortega orchestrates narratives in his work that contain deeper symbolism and meaning, while leaving enough illusion for viewers to decipher stories for themselves or evoke original interpretation.

“Second Lighting” is an exhibition painting that depicts a woman removing a large ancient mask to reveal her face, which is slowly emerging from darkness. The rest of her body is illuminated as she begins to step forward, releasing what weighs her down. Ortega relates this pieces to “receiving a second light – a second chance.”

“Saying Goodbye” depicts a pensive female figure leaning against a stone horse. She is brightly dressed in patterned clothing, while the horse is grey and unmoving in darkness. “The stone horse is a metaphor for motives of the past,” says Ortega. “There comes a time when you must leave the past behind you.”

Join us for the opening of Dawn Voyageon Friday, October 25thfrom 5-7pm and preview new paintings on Ricardo Fernandez Ortega’s artist page.

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