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Douglas Fryer: Interpretations & Suggestions

November 8, 2019 - Kelly Carper

Meyer Gallery artist Douglas Fryer presents a new body of abstracted landscapes for his 2019 solo show, “Interpretations & Suggestions,” opening Friday, November 15th with an artist reception from 5-7pm. Douglas Fryer’s latest paintings are based on the landscapes found in the town and surrounding valley where he resides in central Utah, combined with imagery derived from his recent travels to Ireland, Scotland and England. This work will continue the artist’s tendencies toward abstraction as he relies on invention and memory to create a painting, while simultaneously paying close attention to form and structure within each composition.


“This new group of paintings will really feature the layering of paint and marks, and the beautiful way that artifacts from previous iterations of the work come into play during the search or investigation of possible solutions in the painting process,” says Fryer.


Rather than mimic nature, Fryer attempts to recreate the way in which we perceive the landscape through quick glances, close observations or emotional attachments. The resulting imagery is “out of focus, interpenetrating, merging and melting away,” which the artist feels ultimately depicts a more realistic view than if the scene were painted in a hyperrealist style. “Paradoxically, the more I abstract an image the more real it seems to me, or the more it represents or interprets how my eye and mind actually see the world,” says Fryer.


“There is no art without contemplation,” is a quote by Robert Henri that has inspired Fryer as an artist and in turn, fueled his recent paintings. Fryer responds to this quote below:


“If the world and our lives in it were clear and easy to understand, there would be little purpose for representations, symbols and metaphors to describe the feelings, impulses or notions that normally provide impetus for the creation of art. All painting, music, dance, theater or literature of any worth relies on the strength of its abstract qualities: those feelings, beliefs or thoughts that first exist without form. Art gives form to the feelings, thoughts and experiences we value most. Art allows us to contemplate their meaning and reveals to the artist and the viewer the relative importance of its content. The energy of creation and its resulting form gives purpose for continuing the dialogue in new works, or expanding the search for resolution to newly revealed questions. As human beings we are constantly intrigued with the unknown or hard-to-understand. As viewers we continually assimilate the experience of others, and our point-of-view is altered when something moves us profoundly. The previously ineffable mystery was imparted to us and we understood.”


We hope you’ll join us for Douglas Fryer’s solo show, “Interpretations & Suggestions.” Click here to preview Fryer’s exhibition paintings online.

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