Natalie Featherston's 2019 Digital Catalog

September 12, 2019

View Natalie Featherston''s 2019 digital catalog for her solo exhibition show, "Crafty B*tch".


Robert LaDuke: Anamnesis

September 11, 2019 - Kelly Carper

Memories of family members and childhood experiences are often layered in LaDuke’s paintings as obscure references that remain unknown to the viewer. The artist isn’t necessarily trying to keep his sentiments a secret; he just wants to give the viewer an opportunity to bring their own meaning or story to the painting. “I like it very much when the viewer connects a personal memory or experience with something they see, or perceive to be happening, in a painting,” he says.


Natalie Featherston: Crafty B*tch

September 6, 2019 - Kelly Carper

Natalie Featherston “breathes life and whimsy into narrative” with her trompe l'oeil painting style and unique collage subject matter. For her solo exhibition, “Crafty B*tch,” Featherston creates imagined worlds where skeletons marry, rabbits play cards, cowgirls ride pigs and bigfoot exists.


Aimee Erickson's 2019 Digital Catalog

September 4, 2019

View Aimee Erickson's 2019 digital catalog for her solo exhibition show, "Vessels".


Aimee Erickson: Vessels

August 21, 2019

No matter what shape or look each “vessel” takes, Erickson’s subjects are literal or symbolic containers of human life or vitality.


Francis Livingston: 2019 Solo Exhibition

August 5, 2019 - Kelly Carper

“I’ve gotten into this world of leaves, plants and vegetation and how that works with the human figure,” says Livingston of his layered landscapes. “I look at leaves and figures as pattern against pattern - and the more I explore that, the more interesting the composition becomes.”


William C. Hook's 2019 Digital Catalog

August 2, 2019

View William C. Hook's 2019 digital catalog for his show "Santa Fe Segue No 2 - A One Man Show". An artist reception will be held from 5-7PM on August 2nd.  


Aimee Erickson's 2019 Meyer Gallery exhibition is featured in American Art Collector Magazine

July 29, 2019

We are excited to announce that Aimee Erickson's 2019 Meyer Gallery exhibition is featured in the August edition of American Art Collector Magazine. 





William Hook: Santa Fe Segue No. 2

July 23, 2019 - Kelly Carper

This year, “Santa Fe Segue No. 2” represents the continued evolution of this style as William Hook presents abstract studies as well as larger works that directly respond to his representational pieces.


Milt Kobayashi's Exhibition Digital Catalog

July 17, 2019

View Milt Kobayashi's 2019 works from his Solo Exhibition in online catalog form here. The artist reception will be at the gallery on July 19th from 5-7PM.