William C. Hook 2020 exhibition "Blue Skies Up Above" artist walkthrough

August 4, 2020

An exhibition walkthrough of William C. Hook's 2020 one man show at Meyer Gallery, "Blue Skies Up Above" with commentary and stories from the artist.


William Hook; Blue Skies Up Above show catalog

July 30, 2020

View the exhibition catalog for William Hook's 2020 one man show "Blue Skies Up Above.


Fatima Ronquillo interviewed by Suit Magazine for July article

July 28, 2020

"I don’t set out to paint something with “mystery”. The pieces just magically turn out that way. I think it is because I myself like to be surprised by the secret longings of a painting"


William C. Hook: Blue Skies Up Above a One Man Show

July 27, 2020

William Hook is known for his distinct perspective and vivid portrayal of the southwest landscape, and most recently, his evolving exploration in modern painting.  

Both styles will be present in Blue Skies Up Above, which directly references the recurring shades of blue in Hook’s work while also offering an encouraging sentiment for current times.


Milt Kobayashi: The Point Is, It's Red

July 22, 2020

“You’re seeing me lean towards being more relevant and more modern, but without letting go of my craft.”


Francis Livingston August 14 show previewed in Southwest Art Magazine

July 21, 2020

Discussion of the upcoming show from Francis Livingston, including his use of classical western scenes alongside more contemporary abstract cityscapes and the effect this creates for the viewer.


Daniel Gerhartz 2020 Exhibition: Studio Tour and Interview

July 10, 2020

An interview with Daniel Gerhartz in his Wisconsin studio about the subject matter and inspirations for his 2020 solo exhibition "The Promise of Dawn: Moments of Beauty" which is available for viewing beginning July 10, 2020 at Meyer Gallery in Santa Fe, NM.


Daniel Gerhartz Exhibition Catalog

July 9, 2020

View the online catalog for Daniel Gerhartz' solo exhibition, "The Promise of Dawn: Moments of Beauty".


"The Promise of Dawn: Moments of Beauty" by Daniel Gerhartz

July 8, 2020

Gerhartz is committed to capturing and sharing idyllic moments through his paintings, with the hope of inspiring others to take notice of the ever-present beauty in our lives.


William Cather Hook 2020 Exhibition Preview: "Blue Skies up Above"

June 30, 2020

An interview with the American colorist painter William Cather Hook with a studio preview of his 2020 solo exhibition with Meyer Gallery entitled "Blue Skies up Above" and a look into his process as an artist.