"The Promise of Dawn: Moments of Beauty by Daniel Gerhartz"


The Promise of Dawn: Moments of Beauty by Daniel Gerhartz

The Promise of Dawn: Moments of Beauty by Daniel Gerhartz opens Friday, July 10thfeaturing a new body of work that inspires feelings of hope through classically beautiful imagery. Gerhartz’ exhibition paintings serve as a much-needed reminder of the abiding beauty and solace that can be found in nature, sacred spaces and personal relationships during times of anxiety or uncertainty.

 “I need to be reminded everyday that God’s love will not fail,” says the artist. “However I can share that through imagery is my goal. It can be literal like in Shelter, which illustrates that concept through the sentiment expressed in Psalm 91 of being protected by God. But not every piece is that explicit; some paintings simply depict a flower, still life, or the sheer beauty of creation. The line work, form, and harmony – it all speaks to a being way beyond us is that powerful, creative and who wants us to see, share, and spread beauty.”

 Shelter portrays two young girls in a sweet embrace, protected by a large white wing bathed in moonlight. In addition to this powerful centerpiece, Gerhartz presents a series of architectural subjects inspired by recent travels to France, where he was fascinated by the stunning structures and magical light in Paris. Where Vincent Walked – Between Darkness and Light, The River Seine, Paris Opera House and Evening at the Paris Opera House are reminiscent of the artist’s travels and were largely painted on site. Balancing the warmth of southern France is a series of calming Wisconsin winter scenes, depicting snow covered banks and blanketed fields near the artist’s home.

 Gerhartz is committed to capturing and sharing idyllic moments through his paintings, with the hope of inspiring others to take notice of the ever-present beauty in our lives. “I’ve always been drawn to offering images of hope and light through my paintings. In doing so, I’m reassuring others – and even more so myself – that there is a future beyond this, and that future is bright.”

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