Francis Livingston: Solo Exhibition


Francis Livingston’s solo exhibition features an eclectic body of work that emphasizes the artist’s signature southwest-style subject matter, while also introducing abstraction and urban landscapes. These styles have been in the Sun Valley artist’s repertoire for many years, but have rarely been exhibited together in one show. Livingston’s distinction as a western painter lies in his approach to color, brushwork and paint quality, which is recognizable no matter his subject and creates strong cohesion with his latest body of work.


“You can place an abstract painting next to an image of Native Americans, or you can put an urban scene next to abstraction – but there’s a common sense of composition, color and use of value that is all very similar,” says the artist of his varied show.


Livingston’s distinct style is the result of wide-ranging influences from the artist’s 30-year painting career, including time spent working in San Francisco and New York City. In these urban art centers, Livingston was exposed to legacy artists of the area such as the Bay Area Figurative Painters and New York Abstract Expressionists. Resulting experiments in color and form ultimately shaped his style as a western painter once he landed in Sun Valley, Idaho, where he’s now enchanted by Native American culture and vast landscapes. 


Livingston’s theme of vertical Native American portraits will return for this show with pieces like “In Rogue” and “In Yellow,” as well as his expressionist, fauvist-style take on the land in pieces like “Color Grove.” California influences seep in with urban paintings such as “Santa Cruz,” while abstraction fully takes over in works such as “Structure” and “Blaze.” When it comes to abstraction, Livingston allows himself to explore the painting process freely and spontaneously. “I literally just let go of everything except for color and design, which is inherent to the way I think,” says Livingston of his abstract work.


This exhibition is significant in that it presents Livingston’s impressive scope and range as an artist while offering a wide variety of subject matter, appealing to a diverse group of collectors. Preview Livingston’s show on our website and join us for the opening on Friday, August 14th in the gallery and online.

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