Brad Price: Expressions of the Spirit


Brad Price – Expressions of the Spirit


“Expressions of the Spirit relates to faith but also speaks to the way a place feels, as well as the spirit connection of Native American culture,” says southwest landscape painter Brad Price, whose solo exhibition opens Friday, August 28th at the gallery. Expressions of the Spirit features a new body of work by the Oklahoma-based artist that is inspired by the light, land, and culture of Northern New Mexico.


In his exhibition paintings, Brad Price conveys the “spirit of a place” through symbols of faith such as New Mexico’s historic churches, or simply the austere beauty of the high desert landscape. Architecturally and culturally significant chapels and cathedrals inspire many works in the show including Las Golondrinas Chapel, Twilight at Placitas, Procession at Las Trampas, Chapel - Mora NM, and others. Aspens at Hopewell Lake is a centerpiece landscape painting that depicts a glowing aspen grove above Hopewell Lake, a location off the meandering Route 64 between Los Ojos and Tres Piedras. There are also several portraits in the show, which are inspired by real life relationships or historic identities. Doc is a powerful, up-close portrait of a local man in Santa Fe who frequented the downtown plaza and who Price endearingly referred to as “mountain man.” Doc passed away about four years ago, but not before Price had the opportunity to take his photograph, which he used as a reference to paint the intense portrait of Doc for this show. Doc’s spirit is reflected in the work through a piercing blue-eyed stare, wrinkled skin and wispy white beard, which Price paints with an expressive and reflective color palette.


Expressions of the Spirit also aims to portray classic characteristics of New Mexico, such as chamisa bushes, cottonwood trees, aspen groves and adobe architecture. Bold paintings with high-contrast color and vibrating brushstrokes provide a pulsating energy in the exhibition that matches Santa Fe’s vital spirit and mystical feeling. Preview exhibition paintings by Brad Price on his artist page at, and join us for the opening reception on Friday, August 28th from 5-7pm.

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